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1. Participatory and bottom-up procedures

2. Local development projects

3. Support for local actors

ETM Services provides specialized services for the realization of local development projects, on a municipal, inter-municipal and regional scale, but also in a cross-border context, thanks to consolidated relationships with French and Swiss partners.

Projects are often strongly integrated with regional strategies and initiatives.

1. Participatory and bottom-up procedures

Through the management and animation of the GAL Alta Valle d’Aosta, ETM Services has put into action the bottom-up approach by using modern management techniques and participatory methods through:

  • public consultation campaigns, using standardized participatory methodologies at international level
  • planning and realization of interviews to relevant subjects
  • organization and implementation of focus groups
  • preparation, implementation and analysis of questionnaires

2. Writing local development projects

  • Preliminary investigations of the territorial needs
  • Writing the projects draft, in line with the programming tools and guidelines
  • Projects presentation meetings dedicated to public bodies and local actors, with participatory governance procedures
  • Excahnges with the programs Managing Authorities
  • Final projects drafting and implementation

3. Support for local actorsi

The operational support of groups of local actors takes place through:

  • support in the creation of stakeholder groups
  • establishment of local development strategies
  • coordination and animation activities
  • preparation of documents for the completion of calls
  • administrative and accounting assistance and management


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