Project management

Activity of


1. Preparation and coordination of co-financed projects

2. General coordination of projects

3. Specific project management activities

4. Administrative and accounting support

For the projects and programs management ETM Services follows the international standards of the PMI (Project Management Institute) and offers, within its staff, a Senior Consultant member of this association.

The project management methodologies used allow the client to have reliable and updated tools to facilitate ordinary activities.

1. Preparation and coordination of co-financed projects

  • From the guiding idea… to the objectives and expected results
  • Identification of the available financing sources
  • Composition of the potential partnership
  • Preparation of the project according to the rules of the reference program
  • Project presentation
  • Constant assistance

2. General project coordination

ETM Services guarantees the internal coordination of project activities through:

  • preventive work plan that ensures the integration of activities
  • coordination of the involved subjects
  • management of any project critical situations and / or changes
  • constant feedback to the client on the progress of the activities
  • constant activities progress monitoring
  • preparation of progress reports and the final report

3. Specific project management activities for cross-border and transnational projects

  • Consolidation and management of the relations between partners
  • Coordination and animation of the Steering Committees
  • Participation and coordination of cross-border / transnational technical meetings

4. Administrative and accounting support

Administrative Support:

  • project secretarial activities
  • managing of the meetings and deadlines agenda
  • support for the preparation of administrative documents
  • support for the organization of meetings, Steering Committees and technical meetings

Accounting support:

  • support in assignment procedures
  • support in the coordination between the client’s budget and the project financial plan
  • cash flow analysis
  • collection of accounting information and verification of their relevance with the project costs


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